Longer Passing Periods


Carly Lapre, Staff Writer

Passing periods have always been a topic of discussion. Are they too long; are they used properly, but the most argued one is that they should be longer.

 The students of Thunderbird High School are given five minutes to get from one class to the next. To some that may seem like plenty, but when one factors in using the restroom, changing back from p.e or dance, and even having to walk all the way across campus, those five minutes are not as long as they once thought. 

Teachers often tell students to “use the bathroom before class,” but bathrooms are always overcrowded during passing times, and so people rush to get to other places as they are not allowed to be even a minute late to class.

Some may argue that passing periods are lengthy enough or that they should be even shorter, but does that really benefit the students? If passing times were two or three minutes longer, students would not have to stress about how long they have to prepare for the next hour; they would not have to run across campus and up the stairs just to be counted as on time. Overall, students and teachers would be significantly more stress free if they had more time to prep and get to class.