The Glorification of Serial Killers in Media

The Glorification of Serial Killers in Media

Alexa Hernandez, Staff Writer

An interviewer and the world-renowned serial killer, Ed Kemper, sat in a room with one another. The interviewer looked at Kemper and asked, “How did you get the knowledge to outsmart the police?” Chest puffed out with pride, Kemper calmly explained in detail what steps he took to successfully claim 10 victims. But you would think, is this guy not a serial killer who took innocent lives? And you would be right. Yet the media, the interviewer in this example, still praises his “intelligence” which is immoral. Serial killers like Ed Kemper need to stop being glorified within the media.

Putting yourself in Kemper’s shoes, imagine how that made him feel. With the overwhelming sense of pride why would he not, in his mind, feel accomplished in that moment? According to the said reporter he is in the same ranks as other infamous serial killers now, but in reality, he is just a murderer and he should not feel as if he achieved anything

Some turn a blind eye to this fact because  people do not really see a problem with making TV series about them, merch, or anything directly idolizing serial killers. People claim it is just their “love for true crime” or “they’re locked away anyway so why does it matter?” But the idolization of those killers is incredibly harmful, especially when serial killers get cool nicknames like Night Stalker, are complimented on their smarts or killing tactics, and have a fan base who practically worship them. 

With the way serial killers are actively praised in the media, it can inspire younger people to do similar things since they are more prone to being influenced. Even the people within your own communities who you least expect it from could take interest in a certain murderer and want to copy or do something similar to them. This puts many people within communities at risk, all because most of the media makes it as if murder or any other serious crime is justified and that you will achieve something from it, like fame.