Sports: Golf Team


Bella Slattery, Staff Writer

The golf team has pulled through the hot and sweaty season by smashing drives and sinking putts for the ultimate win. 

As a team, they have grown and been able to form a tight unit. “The Girls’ Golf team has shown growth in their overall scores by being more consistent off the tee and minimizing the number of putts on the green. Continuing to play in the off-season will have a great impact on how we start off our season next year,” is what Coach Christine Rogers has to say about the golf team.

In the beginning, multiple players were new to the idea of golf. Although, as they have worked hard and played in more matches, they have been able to adapt to the challenges that golf presents. Golf has many moving parts. It is sometimes difficult to master all of them but with practice and effort it becomes easier and this is precisely what the Titan golf team is doing. “It’s tough to determine just one player who stands out to me because we have such a great team of girls who work hard and excel academically. However, the top two players are Bella Slattery and Parker Stanley. Both finished the season with great overall averages with Bella scoring 46.4 and Parker 49.5. Although these are outstanding scores, what stood out to me the most was their dedication, positive attitude, and willingness to help their peers through the highs and lows”, reports Mrs. Rogers. 

The students and players on the team have been able to connect with each other and form new friendships. Not only have they made friends, but they have also been able to learn lessons about participation, teamwork, patience, and multitasking. When asked what the most valuable lesson learned was, a senior stated, “I learned to always have a positive outlook on things. If I were always upset when I didn’t play well then I would end up ruining the whole game for myself. I learned to be happy with my performance regardless of how well I played.” Even when the players were going through tough times out on the course, they knew it would be beneficial to have a positive attitude rather than beat themselves up.

Ultimately, the golf team has worked hard to perform and represent the school well. Even though many students on the team have just started golf, the team is continually improving and the coaches are proud of the team’s efforts.