The Sarver Case


Jaden Gonzales, Staff Writer

Robert Sarver has made a buzz throughout the NBA by doing inappropriate and unacceptable things such as making sexual comments towards women and making racist comments, many people are sharing their thoughts on how he may need to be punished more. 

Robert Sarver is the owner of the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury. Over the past few years reports surfaced of him making sex-related comments to employees, saying the n-word, and making innapropriate comments about women. NBA player, L.A. Lakers’ shooting guard Lebron James, shared his thoughts on the situation and said, “I love this league and I deeply respect our leadership. But this isn’t right. There is no place for misogyny, sexism, and racism in any workplace. It doesn’t matter if you own the team or play for the team. We hold our league up as an example of our values and this aint it.” Lebron James showed how the things Sarver did is not a good look on the NBA as a whole and does not set a good example for children that pay attention to the NBA. Another NBA player, Phoenix Suns’ point guard Chris Paul, also shared his thoughts on the situation saying, “I am of the view that the sanctions fell short in truly addressing what we can all agree was atrocious behavior. My heart goes out to all of the people that were affected.” Chris Paul explains that what Sarver did is not acceptable and the NBA can’t let him get off of the hook so easily by only suspending Sarver for one year. NBPA executive director Tamika Tremaglio also spoke about the situation, “ I have made my position known to Adam Silver regarding my thoughts on the extent of the punishment, and strongly believe that Mr. Sarver should never hold a managerial position within our league again.” Many students have heard of the situation and freshman student Robert Bell said, “He is a very disrespectful person and does not deserve to be the owner of the Suns.”

Sarver has decided to sell the Phoenix Suns and is now looking for people to purchase the organization, this is for the best as lots of people can agree Sarver does not deserve to have such a high ranking position. Many people involved with the NBA such as players and coaches, also believe he does not belong in any position within the NBA.