Emmy Awards 2022 Best Outfits


Emma Lunceford, Staff Writer

Flashing lights, the low hum of conversations, and the smell of money floating through the air. The 2022 Emmy Awards have started and it is time to review the most show-stopping outfits of the night. 

As of this year Zendaya is now the youngest actor to win two acting honor Emmy Awards. She came prepared with her drop-dead gorgeous costume because this dress was absolutely astonishing. Kushboo Malhotra said, “In contrast to Rue, dressing up in baggy hoodies and scuffed Converse with a devil-may-care attitude, Zendaya persistently wows the fashion gurus, leaving them speechless with her glamorous style.” Based on her recent outfits, Zendaya likes to switch things up when it comes to her roles and her fancy event outfits. There is no doubt that she will continue to wow audiences with her alluring styles.

Yet another hit was Lizzo’s breathtaking appearance with a red ruffled Giambattista Valli regalia. This stunning look was voluminous and dramatic with the long train and large ruffle sleeves. Lizzo persistently goes loud and dresses to impress on the red carpet, and her appearance at the 2022 Emmys was no exception.” said Kushboo Malhotra. She was absolutely correct considering that no other guest went as great as she did.

Lily James amazed everyone on the red carpet with her dazzling gown. Lily James played it safe for her debut appearance on the Emmys red carpet this year and chose a stunning Versace gown with a corseted bodice that draped across the waist, emphasizing her curves.”  Kushboo Malhotra says. She may not have been as dramatic as Lizzo or as unexpected as Zendaya but she definitely did not hold back with that gorgeous outfit.