Is School too Long?


Jaden Gonzales, Staff Writer

People need to see why school is too long and how it affects students’ out of school lives. Lots of people think that school is too long and it might be something to examine to see if a change is beneficial. 

Students have to take 6 to 8 hours usually for school and it leaves little time for any other out of school activities they may have. This can make it hard for anyone to schedule anything outside of school. Many students have after school sports, which takes up lots of their time too. If school ended earlier students would have more time after sports practice to do anything they need to do in the day. In an article by The Glen Echo, a trusted source on education, said that they wish they had a time-turner so they could get everything they need to get done in a day, because there is simply not enough time with the school days being so long. For example Israel students have to go to school 6 days out of the week with only one day off; that leaves even less time for students to do anything else in their lives and it shows how schooling around the world needs to become shorter. According to some things they listed as benefits from a shorter school day were, more sleep at both ends of the day, alignment with circadian rhythms, and extra time for other interests. As stated before there are endless benefits from a shorter school day and it needs to be something taken into consideration.

Freshman student,Sophia Mendivil, said, “I think school is too long and you should be able to pick your own hours.” This could be beneficial because students could pick a certain time that works around their out of school schedule.

 Some people think that the time we end school is fine, they think that the time we end school has no effect on our out of school lives. This is wrong because when school ends students have little to no time to finish what they need to do outside of school such as chores or homework, many students are struggling with this same problem.

  If the school would implement shorter class periods to make the school day shorter that would make the days not as long and help students to have a better life out of school. For example if a student could start school at 8 a.m. and end at 12 to 1 p.m. that would leave way more time for anything students may need to do after school.