Students Vaping on Campus Grounds: What the Effects Mean for You


Brynn Pruett & Maria Sofia Ferrer, Staff Writers

Due to the possibility of peer pressure or stress that adolescents experience, teenagers are beginning to increase vaping usage around Thunderbird’s campus in bathrooms and locker rooms.

Currently, students, who are already in the state of vaping addiction, could easily influence other students to try vaping materials. Instead of students thinking of a better option to overcome stress and the possible influence they receive from certain individuals, the only result they could come up with is vaping on school campuses. However, there are actually efficient ways to prevent this decision. 

For example, counselors suggest that students should try any form of exercises, surrounding themselves with positive people, and joining certain organizations or clubs that piques their interest because it’s a healthier process to relieve such problems that may result in vaping, according to Elizabeth Arnold, Thunderbird High School Counselor. 

Furthermore, several students would vape in the bathrooms during lunch hours, in between classes, or after school. These students are often caught and receive consequences depending on how many times they have been given an offense.

Here are the consequences that Thunderbird Highschool has when a student is caught vaping according to Assistant Principal, John Pierzchala:

First Offense:

  • One day of suspension
  • One day of in school suspension
  • Meeting with Laura Llardo, Thunderbird Highschool’s social worker
  • Filling out worksheets and reading articles that require answers about vaping

Second Offense:

  • Six day suspension

So far, Mr. Pierzchala said that there have been more than10 students that have been caught vaping since the beginning of the school year. These students were obviously given a consequence and it has been recorded in a data spreadsheet for each individual. 

Teenagers sacrificing their health through vaping can lead to long or short term health effects depending on how long and/or much they’ve been doing it, which would definitely affect their future. 

Negative effects from vaping according to Hopkins Medicine:

  • Lung injury
  • Rapid onset of coughing
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Mental health changes students develop from vaping according to Retreat Behavioral Health:

  • Mood Changes
  • Short attention span
  • Depression
  • Anxiety 

Students have to consider the consequences or long term effects that vaping has on their bodies before deciding to use it without understanding the damage it causes. Hence, these health conditions would risk the future for young adults, especially those who are still undergraduates because it would affect their educational life due to lack of attention span and class interruptions.