Young Royals Season 2


Ashley Swaw, Editor

A forbidden romance embattled by a duty to the country and going against the norm. If that sounds exciting to you, Young Royals may just have to be a part of your next night in.

After the release of its first season back in 2021, Young Royals fans delight in the fact that the show has returned

 for a second season. Released on Nov. 1, the long awaited second season offers six episodes jam packed with love, drama, and excitement. “I loved the new season. It had so many unexpected twists and turns and I really hope they renew it for season 3,” said an anonymous student. 

Young Royals follows the lives of Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and his complicated love interest, Simon. Their complicated relationship is partially due to the pressure placed on Wilhelm by his family and his role as prince. According to Edvin Ryding, who plays Prince Wilhelm, “Wilhelm is raised in an environment where it’s a lot about façade — about portraying one thing and then having a pretty different life behind closed doors…” This fact alone has helped a lot of LGBTQIA+ relate to the show and feel seen. “

Young Royals has a little something for everyone, whether drama, love, or LGBTQIA+ representation, making it the perfect addition to your Netflix watchlist.