The Thunderbird Reading Academy Makes It’s Comeback


Ian Johnson, Editor

Do you enjoy reading and need more ideas for what to read next? What about earning prizes for things you find fun? Then the Thunderbird Reading Academy is the place for you!

The Thunderbird Reading Academy, also known as the TRA, was created by Mr. Fowler, Thunderbird’s school librarian. The Thunderbird Reading Academy is a great resource for students who are readers and for students who want to start reading more. The goal for the TRA “is to make reading enjoyable for every student,” according to Mr. Fowler. He truly means it when he says, “I just want kids to get involved.” 

Those who join the Thunderbird Reading Academy get the opportunity to read and review books with other students in the designated Google Classroom. It is the perfect place to find books that will be hard to put down. Not only can you find and review books but you can also win a prize at the end of the year. If a student reads and reviews at least five books before May 12, 2023 then there will be a selection of prizes, including a free TRA t-shirt.

 The only requirements are that the book of choice must be at least 200 pages and cannot be manga/anime, a graphic novel, or a book that is required for a class. Grendel by John Gardner and Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare would be an example of books that would not count towards the reward.

For every graduating class currently attending Thunderbird, the Thunderbird Reading  Academy is a new thing; however, the TRA has been on a four year hiatus. When asked why there was such a large gap between the last published review and the most current one he said, “Covid, that’s why.” The year prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic Mr. Fowler had planned on doing something different with the TRA, so he stopped it momentarily. Quarantine and virtual learning took over, and the Thunderbird Reading Academy was put on hold. 

But lo and behold! The Thunderbird Reading Academy is back and waiting for more students to join. If you are still contemplating whether or not to join, there is “no reason not to,” according to Mr. Fowler. Reading is very accessible now that the Sora app is available on any smart device. On the Sora app students can check out audio and ebooks, so anyone can enjoy literature, anywhere and anytime. Mr. Fowler also reports that “it’s a great way to be rewarded.” Along with a free t-shirt students will also receive one free Harkins pass, three home game passes for any sports event for the 2023-2024 school year, and lastly, a Thunderbird Reading Academy Diploma. 

If this sounds like something you or someone you know would like to be a part of, do not hesitate to stop by the media center and ask Mr. Fowler, any questions! The Google Classroom Code is x7klpc3.