Ned Fulmer From The Try Guys Caught Cheating


Skyla Hanes, Staff Writer

Ned Fulmer, The Try Guy who is obsessively “in love” with his wife, has cheated on her with his own employee! Ned is now facing the consequences as he has been fired from the Try Guys.

On September 25, a reddit user claimed to have witnessed Ned and his assistant producer, Alexandria Herring, fondling each other in an inappropriate manner. Their claim was then followed by a video of the incident. No one knew if this was true or not because the video was blurry.

Later the same day, Ned posted in response to The Try Guys’ Post.

The posts are incredibly identical, almost as if the same person created and wrote each one.  As a result, People were left with questions and suspicions, but Keith and Zach (members of the Try Guys) confirmed that it was not them who created Ned’s Instagram post, “We shared what our statement was going to be, we did not have insight into what his statement was.”

Alex has not yet commented in regard to the incident, and no one is sure if she still works for The Try Guys. Many believe that she is on leave because she was not mentioned in their video credits. The Try Guys can’t exactly terminate her employment with them because she could take legal action against them, putting them under more stress than they already are.

Speaking of stress, on their podcast, The TryPod, Keith and Zach talk about the amount of stress this entire situation put them through. He goes on to talk about how they have been barely eating and sleeping due to the stress and the amount of work. “We found out over Labor Day Weekend and it was a week of Relentless work,” said Zach. He also talks about how they can’t really show what they’re really feeling,“there’s an extent to which we can’t fully express our sadness, our anger, our anything.” 

Ariel has chosen to stay with Ned and has posted on Instagram following the incident.

The Try Guys seem to be trying to move on and have made a new logo for their brand. Many fans are actually quite happy with this new change. They have continued to post new videos and seem to be thriving.