Horror Movie Marketing


Alexa Hernandez, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of a horror movie so vile that it is rumored that audience members vomit, faint, and need to get carried out? Even so bad that they offer sick bags before you even step foot in the auditorium?

The horror film in question is Terrifer 2, a horror movie surrounding a killer called Art the Clown, which is infamous for its mercilessly gory scenes, but you would be surprised that regardless of its reputation, it was a big box office success. In fact, this micro-budget slasher film has landed in the top 10 in recent weeks with $7.73 million in domestic ticket sales. Terrifier 2 is estimated to reach $10 million in ticket sales, according to box office watchers. This unlikely box office success actually profited off the “vomit-o-rama” rumors, and a lot of other horror movies do, too. 

When people hear rumors about a stomach-turning horror movie that would make them vomit and faint, of course, they would get curious. Even if horror films are not necessarily a person’s forte, they still have this urge to go check the movie out for themselves to determine if the movie is truly as bad as everyone says it is. 

This is exactly how horror movies become such big successes. The terrifying rumors a movie gets are much more alluring than any paid advertisement. Terrifier 2, and the unlikely achievements it received show just how important word-of-mouth is for movie companies.