Resident Evil: Gold Edition

Resident Evil: Gold Edition

Carly Lapre, Staff Writer

Capcom has recently released an updated version of Resident Evil Village on Oct. 28, 2022. It is a continuation of the original game, but is it worth the price?

The updated game continues the story of Ethan’s daughter, Rosemary Winters. It also has a new third person mode, and to finish it off, there are three new playable characters, Karl Heisenberg, Alcina Dimitrescu, and Chris Redfield. 

The original game was a huge hit since many liked the way it was set up. Even its creators believed that the original story-line was well put together and decided to carry over some of the players’ favorite things about the original game into its new version.

With the game’s new third person mode, the game is significantly more eerie, making players peek around corners to keep from getting caught. As a result, players are constantly on the edge of their seats at all times. A blog post by Jay Peters revealed that “Capcom ratchets up the scariest aspects of the changed perspective in the particularly terrifying sequence.” The game seems to have gotten scarier, with it continuing to have lycans and many of the other creatures from the original, but it also appears to have bumped up a level with the chilling attacks and abnormal powers that some of the characters hold.

Each new character has their own ways of fighting off the creatures of the village.Lady Dimitrescu includes her razor-sharp talons. Her ability to summon her daughters, as well as the previously stated, throwing of her furniture. Heisenberg is able to use his magnified hammer to deal damage to the creatures of the game. Powah Dunk reported that, “While I didn’t spend too much time here as I am one of those rare people who don’t enjoy the mode too much, the quirky nature of the giant Lady D throwing her dresser at the lycans did cause a grin to appear.” Many players were overjoyed to hear that the 9ft vampire lady would be playable, and most took quite a liking to the cut-scene of her throwing her vanity against a wall, so Capcom made that one of her attacks. 

As a continuation of the original version where Ethan is fighting to find his daughter, Rose, the players get to tag along on Rose’s own adventure. Dunk continues on to state, “More is found out about Rose and her struggles as you work through the roughly 3-hour adventure, one of the high points being her relationship with her guardian angel Micheal.” Rose has grown up and has returned to the village to try and figure out what she is going to do about her powers.

Even with the game being relatively high priced at the moment, it is extremely popular and people seem to enjoy it, so it is very much worth the price. Prices have been known to go down on these games with time so it is likely that the prices will drop as the game gets older.