God of War: Ragnarok


Austin Carvajal, Staff Writer

God of War: Ragnarok released Nov. 9, and it has brought a new story and world for players to explore following its first game with the return of its loving protagonist.

Players are excited because it has been four years since anything God of War related has come out, and it offers more advanced combat gameplay, and Atreus is older now. The game’s graphics have also improved. Santa Monica studios say’s, “We are perfectionists. Everyone is tightening up the graphics…there is so much going on right now that I just wish we could share with you. But it’s just not ready to be shown,” he said. “I guarantee you the moment–the very second–that we have something we’re ready to share, we’re going to share it with you. Monica–is so incredibly thankful for all the support you’ve given us.” It has been four years since God of War came out, and the graphics and gameplay continue to be top tier as they have added more realistic graphics and some gameplay changes along with a new crafting system. 

With the next generation of consoles being out, different settings for fps and just overall gameplay will still be playable on Ps4. Furthermore, next generation consoles are still kind of hard to find they’re making copies for the ps4 although it will be a drastic change when it comes to overall performance.¨We are excited for are players to explore and all new narrative and continue the relationship between Kratos and Atreus. 

Student says, “I’m excited because this the first time in four years we see Kratos and Atreus continue on with the father-son dynamic”.

God of War Ragnarok came out on Nov. 9 and brings fantastic graphics and all new gameplay changes and will be released on previous generation consoles too.