Thunderbird Volleyball Wrap Up


Chris Moore, Staff Writer

 Thunderbird varsity volleyball team season ended as they took a hard loss in set 5 against the Flagstaff Eagles, but this one loss does not define the team or how their season went. Our Titans had an outstanding season as their final record was 15-2 and ended up being region champs. Sophomore Heaven Lick led the team in kills, having an outstanding 271 this season. Furthermore, this team was talented and put every ounce of effort and heart into the team. To end the season the team was ranked #1 in the region and 7th in the state. One thing the school and the students are waiting for is wondering when the volleyball program is going to take that next step. For the past 10+ years our volleyball program has either not made it to the playoffs, or was a first round bounce out. So these results leave us wondering when they will take the next step in the program and win it all or at least make it past the first round. Either way No matter the outcome of their season, everyone is proud of the outcome and how they played.