POV: You Yassified 2022’s Slang

Briana Quiroga Flores, Editor

Let’s just be real, were you caught in 4k super slaying this year’s slang?

Did it give you the ick when he sang

Krissy wake up I don’t like this?

Or did it make you reminisce

About when you were krissed?


Did you come across a simp?

Were they a wimp?

Did you wave the red or green flag?

Did you sleep on their brag?

Or did you let them gaslight and gatekeep you from becoming your own girl boss


Did you think to yourself

It’s giving pick me?

If so, did others agree?


Were their comments out of pocket

Or did you really not rock it?

Was the fit a slay

Or can you really not say?

Did it give main character energy?

Perhaps it was not as complimentary


Bet it hits different now

You got krissed, gitchie, gitchie, ya-ya, da-da