Are Two Lunch Lines Enough?


Jaden Gonzales, Staff Writer

Lunch is a time for students to get a break from class and also grab something to eat, but this time is being cut down by having to wait in lines for the majority of lunchtime to just get their food.

There are two lunch lines at lunch and this leads to crowding and wasting a lot of students’ lunch time waiting. The lunch workers are also rushing from the overflow of students in just two lines which creates even more crowding, as they are trying to run back into the kitchen to serve more food. For example, student reporter Ashton Lewandowski, from The Prowler News stated, “I had decided this year to start eating the free school lunches, but had to stop most days due to just how much time I was losing by waiting in line to get my food.” This makes the point that lunch lines are wasting most of the students’ lunch periods, true. In addition, stated, “Long lines are a perennial problem in schools, where short lunch periods conflict with the needs of hundreds of hungry students descending on the cafeteria at once.” Explaining how long lines and short lunch periods do not cooperate with each other which is why we need to have more than two lunch lines.

Some people do not believe that we need more than two lunch lines and that two lunch lines are enough to get your food and enjoy lunch during the lunch period. This is wrong because if there were more lines it would prevent crowding and would make the cafeteria more organized along with students getting more social time and having time to get energy out.

By adding more lunch lines students can enjoy their time and food at lunch without having to rush. This presents the simple solution of adding more lunch lines at lunch which will make many students happier and more engaging in class.