Does Life Ever Get Easier?


Anabelle Ambs, Staff Writer

There are people who think that life will never get better, though, this is simply not true. Mental illness can form at a young age unknowingly which furthermore influences fluctuation in emotions as we are all trying to figure out who we are and our roles in the world. These emotions can be difficult to process but can be manageable as time goes on and our knowledge expands. 

To begin, perspectives of life change the way we react and deal with obstacles. As writers at state, “. .people who think positively in challenging circumstances are more likely to take actions that build resources, healthy coping skills, and resilience.” Emotions are temporary and can change in an instant, so the best way to move past these feelings is to let inconveniences go and not let these emotions weigh down the beauty of life. Those who don’t follow these steps tend to often become overwhelmed by the world’s negativity which is not a good mindset when wanting to improve. Remaining positive allows for an easy and happy life. 

People assume that life gets harder as we get older, though this is incorrect. As states that as life progresses and we retire, all we have to look forward to is taking extra safety precautions such as walking slowly so as to not break bones, taking excess medications, and attempting to stay sane while being lonely as your family is too occupied to visit. Through this description it is easy to see the bad in growing up, though, if remaining optimistic, life tends to get easier to navigate as everyone finds their purpose along with finding ways to cope with the obstacles in the process. Reporters at also state, “by not allowing it to affect you, and by staying true to yourself- will keep your mind at ease. You will be ready to face any situation that is presented to you.” By remaining optimistic and not allowing inconveniences to control you, life will go by smoothly and you will begin to establish a better and more efficient way to get through the pains of getting older. 

By learning how to keep a positive mindset, it does and will get better and easier as we get older. By learning coping skills and how to process emotions, you can make sense of obstacles that may seem catastrophic.