Dana White’s Assault Situation

Dana White is the president of the UFC and has been since January 2001 and has grown the industry over the years drastically, but recently a   video surfaced of White physically assaulting his wife of more than 25 years. 

The video was taken at a nightclub on Jan. 1, 2023, while White and his wife were in the midst of an argument. Dana was seen slapping his wife in the video and many people have found this video very disturbing. 

Professional fighter, Jake Shields, shared his thoughts on the situation saying, “Fighters are the most loyal people in the world and I don’t see a single one defending Dana that tells you all you need to know about him.” Right here emphasizes how the fighters feel about White and shows that many fighters are not supporting Dana and are not on his side during this time. Professional fighter, Brendan Schaub, also stated his thoughts on the situation, “All jokes aside. Handled it the right way.” There are always two sides to an argument and Schaub showed how he thinks White was not in the wrong. ESPN reporter, Stephen A. Smith, also shared his thoughts on the situation stating in an interview, “Dana White is not just somebody I know in sports, he’s a friend, I love him. He knows how wrong he was to do this and he knows we’re on-air, he knew ahead of time because I reached out to him to let him know I would be talking about this, this morning. He knows he crossed a line that he has never crossed before.” 

 The actions taken by White were unacceptable and he will be under heavy criticism for a while, some believe that he is in the wrong and some do not but at the end of the day the actions taken in that video are unacceptable and White will be held accountable for his actions.