Arizona Cardinals’ Struggling Season


Chris Moore, Staff Writer

As the Cardinals ended their season with a 4-13 record and finished at the bottom of their division, a lot of changes needed to be made. 

Their final game of the season didn’t go as planned since they lost to the 49ers 13-38. This game was really important to one player, though, and that player would be JJ Watt. This was his final game in the NFL as he is retiring and hanging up the cleats for good. The next day, after their season came to an end, the organization made the business decision to fire their head coach Kliff Kingsburry. Most if not all of Cardinals fans were waiting for this day to come true since there has never been that much success from Kingsburry in his time with the team. The Cardinals also had a major step back when their starting quarterback, Kyler Murray, went out with an ACL injury which would later result in him being out for the rest of the season and a majority of the next. To end off this article, most NFL fans are expecting the same result for the cardinals next year as the franchise doesn’t seem to be getting any better next season as well.