Thunderbird’s Girls Basketball

Skyla Hanes, Staff Writer

This year, our girls basketball team here at Thunderbird High School has been absolutely dominant.

They should be so incredibly confident. They presently have a record of 10-2, and have hopes of becoming regional champions.  They are currently #1 in our region. The team is made up of hard working girls who exude great confidence. The entire team has a lot of drive,  but the captains, Grace Hall and Kaylie Ayala bring good energy to the table that I’m sure isn’t hard for the other players to reflect off of. Hall states “I believe our team bond is good, we are very close. Just like best friends”

 Similar to best friends, Hall also wants to acknowledge Ms. Knowles dedication to their team, “She is the best coach there is out there, she’s really stepped up and has been coaching all our teams. ” In addition to Coach Pav, a recent addition to the basketball coaching staff, “we love her, everyone loves Coach Pav” says Ayala. Their devotion for the game goes beyond.  “It’s very fun, it can be tough sometimes but I really enjoy it,” adds Ayala. 

Come watch our girls basketball team in their final few games, especially on February first when they face Greenway High School, our rival school.