Best Places to Thrift

Alexa Hernandez, Staff Writer

Many people love to adorn themselves in beautiful fabrics, sparkly jewelry, or expensive purses. Though, not everyone has the luxury of an unlimited budget but luckily, there is a solution to this. A way to afford to make it happen. Thrift stores, of course!

Thrift shopping proves valuable to fashionistas who may be on a low budget. Thrift shops contain mostly second hand items, especially clothing and sometimes various knicknacks, that are donated by the community for charitable purposes. 

Urban Exchange, located on Scottsdale Road, is a high-end resale boutique. Prom dresses, designer clothes, and shoes line the walls and swivel on the racks. It’s a pretty small shop but that makes it all the easier to navigate and look through the options. 

Another amazing option is a Goodwill, specifically the one on Greenway. This specific one has gained a reputation of being the best. Not only does it have clothes but it has a variety of DVDS, books, and other knick knacks. 

Thrifting is a good resource for aspiring fashionistas. Even though thrifting has gained an unfortunate reputation of being dirty, the idea of getting cool clothing for a fraction of the price anywhere else makes it hard to argue.