Zombie Prom


Carly Lapre, Staff Writer

Thunderbirds next upcoming performance, Zombie Prom, is on the way.The cast and directors have been working incredibly hard to get ready for this next performance. It has been in the works since December, and is set to play on Feb. 23 and 24th the doors open at 6:30 and it starts at 7pm, as well as at 2pm on the 25th.

The musical is based on a past Off-Broadway performance, it was originally published in 1993 and was first produced at the Red Barn Theatre in Key West, Florida. Theater teacher Mrs.Bauer-Spano described it as, “A campy sort of sci-fi, like Frankenstein-esque musical.” a few cast members added that “It resembled some aspects of Grease, High School Musical, and Romeo and Juliet”. This performance is sure to be a comical yet amazing performance.

Be ready to come out and enjoy the show while supporting Thunderbird’s hard working theater students.