Brazilian Mom Dies From Firework

Brynn Pruett, Staff Writer

A Brazilian mom of 2 two dies from a firework exploding underneath her shirt.

On New Year’s Eve a 32 year old woman, Elisangela Tinem, died after a firework deviated and shot straight across where Tinem and her family were standing in Praia Grande, São Paulo.

The family rented out a home for a week and decided to go to the beach to celebrate New Years by watching the fireworks show the city organized. They soon found a spot on the beach with a good view of the display but kept their distance knowing others were lighting fireworks on the sand. 

Goncalves, Tineme’s cousin, was recording the incident with Tinem’s phone when he noticed she got hit with the firework he ran up and tried to remove the explosive from her, but was burned in the process. “I saw her turn around, but I kept looking straight ahead. That’s when I heard her screaming,” he said. “At that moment I looked at her and saw the artifact trapped. I ran towards her, about two steps, to try to hit the rocket to get it out.” 

One witness told a local newspaper, “I saw a huge flash just as it turned midnight and I was hugging my mum and then everyone started screaming,” according to the Mail.

The Pria Grande police identified the incident as a homicide and culpable bodily injury. Authorities also found out the firework was illegal and are trying to find out who sold the explosive. Investigators were able to get an image of the suspect’s face and are working to identify him.