Is Booktok Legit?

Carly Lapre, Staff Writer

Many look to Booktok to find reviews about certain books, but is Booktok the best place to search for these recommendations?

Booktok is the side of Tiktok where people go to get recommendations on books, review popular novels, or just to browse different genres of books in interest. Not everyone has the same opinion on books. Where some may think a certain book is the best they have ever read, another might say that particular book was terrible and not recommend it, and while a significant amount of people say they enjoy books, their taste in books vary.

Ismene Ormonde, journalist and social media consultant states, “Publishers, creators and writers have generally agreed that this corner of the platform has had an overwhelmingly positive effect, having led to huge increases in book sales and the discovery of new writers. The Bookseller even recently called it ‘the last safe place on the internet.’” Some writers like Brenna Nation, have started their writing careers over Booktok and have gained millions of readers before the book was ever published. Through posting little pieces of her book on Booktok she has captured the attention of many who are almost impatiently waiting to be able to read her book.

Some may disagree and go on to claim that Booktok is not a valid place to view as a way to gain further knowledge of certain books. They may add that though books can be found there, they aren’t up to standards.  

While Booktok is not always up to everyone’s standards, it is still a good place to go when in need of new novels. It is never guaranteed that one will find what they are looking for, but it is good to open up to new things. Many have found that moving out of their usual genre and sampling a new one can be rewarding. 

Take a chance with booktok and meet people who share similar interest, look into specific novels, and find new and exciting reads. Being open to change can prove to be fulfilling.