Are the Grammys Rigged?

Jaden Gonzales, Staff Writer

The Grammys have become more and more popular over the years as it has become great entertainment and a chance to recognize favorite artists. 

A Grammy Award is any of a series of yearly awards presented in the United States by either the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences or the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. The Grammys, as they are commonly known, are meant to recognize spectacular work in the music industry. However many artists and people worldwide claim that the Grammys are rigged by claiming them to be corrupt, sexist, and biased. In an interview with The Weeknd, he stated, “The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans, and the industry transparency.” Even prominent artists believe the Grammys are a misrepresentation of successes in the music industry as top billboard artists are robbed of the opportunity of being nominated or granted an award.

Even with all of this stated there still are some people who believe that the Grammys are not rigged and all voting is fair. This is not right because of the signs that point to the Grammys being rigged such as, the Grammys being sexist, corrupt, and not actually taking all of the fans’ votes into consideration and not all of them being counted. 

There is no real way for anyone to know if the Grammys are actually rigged or not and everyone has their own beliefs but there are many signs pointing to the fact that the Grammys are rigged along with big artists stating they are.