Best Albums of 2022


Christopher Moore, Staff Writer

2022 was an amazing year for the music industry. Many artists came back to the game topping charts after being away for a long time. 

Beyonce happened to be one of those many artists as she dropped an album called Renaissance after not dropping an album since 2016. Although expectations were high for this album, she exceeded all of them. Her album was so amazing that RollingStones rated it the #1 album of the year. All Metro Boomin fans also got an amazing surprise album at the end of the year called Heros Vs Villians, and XXL rated this one as one of the top albums of the year. Metro Boomin bought some of his favorite artists to feature on this album such as The Weeknd, Travis Scott, 21 Savage and even more. Another album that was dropped this year was a surprise collaboration between Drake and 21 Savage named “Her Loss”. This album single handedly had all music fans excited and happy. A total of 16 songs, this album was loved by many. Thunderbird basketball player Kanai Tapp had this to say about the album. “I loved the album. Privileged rappers was my favorite song.” This shows that Drake and 21 Savage really impressed their fanbase with this collaboration album.

The Albums that were dropped this year were nothing short of amazing, and fan bases of Beyonce, Drake, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, etc were all satisfied with the music they got from their beloved artists.