Under Review: Zombie Prom


Ashley Swaw, Editor

She said the c-word. She said the c-word. Captivating. Carefully executed. Contagious energy. From start to finish, Thunderbird High School’s Zombie Prom encapsulated all of these and more.  

The moment the lights came up, the performers had the audience’s attention and they never let it go. From the lighting that told as much of a story as the actors on stage to choreography that showed dedication and attention to detail, every moment of this musical was incredibly well crafted.

The biggest highlight of the show, however, was the performances of the leads. Andrew Stark and Molly Utley, playing Eddie Flagrante and Delilah Strict, respectively, were no doubt the collective crowd favorite. Their performance of Exposé garnered enthusiastic responses from the crowd, not to mention their character’s surprising kiss at the end of the show. “They blew me away. Their chemistry was amazing,” said an anonymous senior. Although Flagrante and Strict were clearly big personalities, they didn’t outshine the other main characters, Johnny Warner and Toffee. Portrayed by Koleton Malinak and Sienna Meyer, they breathed an impressive life into their characters, that it was hard to believe that wasn’t their real personalities.

Congratulations to the cast and crew for putting on such a great show and thank you for creating an experience that audiences will not soon forget.