Dallas Zoo and the Case of the Missing Monkeys


Courtesy of The U.S. Sun

Ian Johnson, Editor

Zoo rebellion or just monkeying around? Two monkeys from the Dallas Zoo have gone missing and the situation is a little bananas.  On January 30th a man who has now been identified as Davion Irvin released two emperor tamarin monkeys from their habitat. The official Dallas Zoo twitter account reports, “it was clear the habitat had been intentionally compromised.” A photo of the suspect was disclosed to the public and there was quite a bountiful reward to anyone who had information that could help identify the perpetrator. “The Zoo is increasing the reward to $25,000 for information that leads to the arrest and indictment o the person(s) responsible for these incidents,” the Dallas Zoo announced. 

Further reports share that Irvin had intentions of continuing his animal theft pursuit due to his love for animals. However, his attempts to release even more protected species are over. After getting involved with some monkey business, both Bella and Finn, the emperor tamarin monkeys, were safely found by the Dallas Police Department. Thankfully, “beyond losing a bit of weight, they show no signs of injury” says the Dallas Zoo vet and animal care team. Dallas experienced a bit of chaos, but the zoo and the world can now recover from the event.