Keeping It Kosher With Thunderbird High School’s Kosher Food Club


Courtesy of Alisa Fleming

Briana Quiroga Flores, Editor

Calling all Titans, are you looking for a fun and non-academic club to be a part of after school? If so, come as you are and join our Kosher Food Club!

Kosher Food Club, sponsored by Ms. Frazin, is a student-led club in which Jewish and non-Jewish students come together after school every other Wednesday in room F220 to indulge in Kosher and to learn about it. According to a representative of Ou Kosher, a certified Kosher agency, “the Hebrew word ‘Kosher’ means fit or proper as it relates to Jewish dietary law. Kosher foods are permitted to be eaten and can be used as ingredients in the production of additional food items” as they are deemed clean and pure- no veins, no blood, and produced in a humane environment. 

Although the club is student-led, a Rabbi comes and supplies its members with food and cooking materials. They also inform students about Kosher law. Despite its Jewish roots, anyone can become a club member regardless of religious affiliation; the only requirement is to have fun making new food and eating it. Club President and senior, Rachel Mastov asserts that “the only requirement is you come to eat!” Every other week the club makes a new meal. So far they have made pizza, smoothies, and sushi. They look forward to making their hot cocoa bar at the next meeting!

Join Kosher Food Club every other Wednesday for some Kosher fun!