‘Wednesday’ Actor Accusations Causes Drama and Drop in Fan Base


Credit_ Fashionista: Percy Hynes White at Golden Globe Awards

Carly Lapre, Staff Writer

‘Wednesday’ actor Percy Hynes White has recently been accused of multiple counts of sexual assault. 

After seeing White in the series, a female Twitter user came out and told about what he had done to her in high school. After her initial statement, many other users started to tell their stories, as well. Netflix, Percy, and his other co-stars are not making any comments regarding this topic at the moment. 

A Twitter user shared, “knowing that [her] and [her] friend’s shocked, sick to [their] stomachs reactions to seeing Percy Hynes White in [their] new favorite show is finally and [her] experience at his party in high school being justified because you all are [listening]. thank you.”  #Cancelpercy is making its way around many social media platforms after the thread on Twitter continued to blow up. Many users are posting pictures and screenshots of messages as well as trying to communicate with Percy himself.

Arif Zikri, a writer from malaymail wrote, “Claimed in the thread that during his high school years, White would throw parties at his house where he and his friends would invite women they deemed attractive, to” join them.” During his high school years, many claims to have been a guest at some of White’s basement parties where these events took place. During these parties, it was said that Percy and his friends would try to get the girls drunk so they could take advantage of them. 

From a high schooler’s perspective, thinking that people are trustworthy and then being shown the complete opposite is a huge turn. Bella Slattery, A staff writer for The Challenge shared, “In my opinion, I never thought of him as someone who would be accused of sexual assault but you never know these days. Sometimes the most unlikely people turn out to be the wildest.” Building trust in people of any age is sometimes difficult, and if it’s an easy thing to do then having it broken and violated can make the future just that much harder.  

When things like this come up after a big break in a career it turns out to be a surprise for fans as well as everyone else involved. Zikri continued by writing, “The Twitter thread accused White of sexual assault, sending unwanted nude photos to girls as well as calling them derogatory names. “ For the time being, no one has confirmed nor denied these events and people are still coming forward with their stories.