Thunderbird High School’s Track Team Hits the Track Once Again

Carly Lapre, Staff Writer

Thunderbird Track and Field is coming back into the season. Be sure to come out to watch, as well as cheer on the THS Track and Field team.

As with last year, many students took interest in running with the school’s track and field program. The team has about 30 new girls who tried out this year, as well as a few new boys who went out which is quite a few more than last year. The teams, while having different abilities, practice, and condition together in preparation for meets. They begin their practices with various warm-ups before moving into activities that test and strengthen their abilities. Nicole Glasgow, a member of the girls’ team shared, “ [She] does a 4 x 4, so each guy or girl runs 100 m then [she] does a 100 m sprint.” She also does pole vaulting on top of the runs. 

  Between conditioning and just overall practice, they were supposed to have had their first meet at the start of March, but due to weather conditions, it was pushed back. Track Coach Katelin Gill shared, “Our first track meet is March 1st at Sunnyslope.” The girls and boys will hopefully be pulling out with a victory after their first meet of the season. 

Try to make it out and give the team the motivation they need to make it to state.