Should Students be Allowed to Listen to Music During Independent Work?


credit: the basilisk A student listens to music while working.

Kaley Gottschling, Staff Writer

During independent work time, many students may prefer to listen to music. It de-stresses the mind and can help with classwork. However, some teachers believe music is too distracting for their students. 

Some students prefer listening to music while others prefer silence. Everyone has a different workflow. Music helps people concentrate and relax. Exposure to music in a stress-inducing environment, like school, can increase a person’s mood. An article from National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments informed that “active engagement with music can impact the way that the brain processes information, enhancing the perception of language and speech, and subsequently improving our ability to communicate with others and learn to read.” Having a positive attitude is key to absorbing information and being successful. 

Every teacher has different rules when it comes to electronics being used in the classroom. Many teachers have mellow rules while others have very strict rules. Those who strictly regulate phones, do not allow listening to music in class because it can be distracting and loud. Smart Classroom Management claims, “It cuts their comprehension and performance dramatically. And that’s just for those who are actually trying to learn.” However, this is not true. A Sanford study disproves this claim by informing that “music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention [and] making predictions and updating the event in memory.” Schoolwork tends to make students anxious and stressed, but music reduces these feelings and improves performance.

Music volume and genre can determine how much it helps you. Healthline suggests classical music or music without lyrics is best for studying. They also advise that “Study music should stay at a background volume. If it’s too loud, it could disrupt your thinking process [and] listening to your favorite songs during study breaks could motivate you to study harder.” The calming effect of music is great for studying.

Listening to calming music at an admissible level during classwork is harmless. Many students prefer to listen to music in school. If it helps improve one’s focus, mood, and performance then why should it not be allowed?