A Recap of the Spring Sports Assembly

Courtesy of Dan Sellazo, THS Yearbook Advisor

Thunderbird High School Dance Teams Excite Audience at Spring Assembly

Thunderbird High School’s dance team and their competition team wowed their audience with a dynamic performance at the Spring Assembly. The teams showcased their impressive dance skills by executing an intense hip-hop performance. The dance team began with a high-energy routine that set the tone for the rest of the show. Their precise movement and synchronized transitions impressed the crowd with their skill. “The crowd’s positive reaction made me want to keep going,” said dancer Austyn Rodok. The Elite Team took over with another hip-hop performance that captivated the audience. They confidently executed the choreography and engaged the audience with their infectious energy. “I think the performance was a success because the crowd’s reaction was so positive I knew they enjoyed it,” said Shanelle Davis Dancer on the Elite Dance Team. Their graceful movements and emotive expressions left the audience in awe. 

Their upcoming dance recital in April promises to be an even more exciting and polished display of their talents. It will include Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and Alternative Dance styles. The teams are working tirelessly to perfect their routines and prepare for the recital. “We are preparing for the recital with a lot of work and early rehearsals,” said Michelle Condor, Dance instructor. The Dance Team is eager to share their passion and talent with the audience and show what they’re capable of, so mark your calendars and get ready to be amazed by their talent and dedication.

STUGO Excites Students with Prom Announcement

The long-awaited prom venue and theme have been announced. On Friday during our seasonal assembly, there’s always some big announcement being made, last year was homecoming and now it’s time for prom. With the choices of “Night in the Spotlight”, “Golden Moments”, and “A Night Under the Stars”, ultimately it must have been hard to vote on but in the end make sure to sparkle out your suits and dresses as the theme is “A Night Under the Stars”. Moving on to the place, grab a date or ride solo as we all join together at Martins Auto Museum and Event Center as this year’s prom venue! With both vintage and the latest cars lined up, you will not only be able to take a look but even be allowed to get in and take some pics with your prom date(s). Best said by exchange student and STUCO member Shifa Sajjad “The awaited prom will provide a magical moment which the seniors and juniors will both be able to cherish forever.” I couldn’t agree more. Finally, don’t forget to save the date! I can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces at this year’s prom on April 29.

Schrock and Awe

At the Spring Sports Assembly, Mr. Schrock, a teacher of Biology and Sports Medicine here at Thunderbird, regains the title of most spirited teacher after losing it at the previous assembly. 

He helds a three-time streak from the end of last school year to the first two assemblies last semester, but was defeated by History teacher Mr. Unsworth at the Winter Assembly. Although he lost, he holds no grudge saying he “had fun losing” and really enjoyed Mr. Unsworth’s outfit and thought it was “so cool!” He claims that he was pulled into the contest by one of his students when hanging by the freshmen and has just been dressing up ever since. “I will continue doing it,” says Schrock. “It’s kind of my thing.” 

Schrock’s ultimate goal is to encourage other teachers to dress up. “Let’s get teachers out there dressing up. Let’s get some school spirit!” says the Biology teacher. 

Thunderbird Jazz Band Performance Entertains at Assembly

At the Spring Assembly, our Jazz Band was seen and heard playing the song “Big Noise” from Winnetka, by Paul Lavender. Soloists included Josef Gavagan, Chris Serra, and Jacob Stevens. “All the students played exceptionally well, and they had a great time performing. My favorite part of this chart is the heavy swing section where the students get to play very greasy and with lots of styles,” said Melody Wilson, Jazz Band Director. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the performance, especially when both tuba players, seniors Isaac Veidmark and Thomas Livingston were seen dancing around the gym. Overall, the performance was very amusing. 

Assembly Games Ignites Crowd and Promotes School Spirit  

Courtesy of Dan Selllazo

Thunderbird’s assemblies are always filled with fun and exciting activities. With games such as musical chairs and table surfing, there have been instances of eating contests and games involving finding items in the crowd. Students are picked out of the crowd and asked to play for their grade level. Student Government member Riley Kelly reported, “As one of the members who plans each assembly, the games are the most important piece. The point of the assembly is to give the students a period off to enjoy themselves and further promote and recognize the sports of that season.”  There are always plenty of people willing to come down from the stands and participate in games and activities to keep the assembly fun and exciting. Student Government members throw out candy bags throughout the assembly and while most people wish they got one, they still enjoy the assembly nonetheless. Student Government is in charge of putting the assembly together as well as making sure it runs smoothly throughout.