School Bingo Entices Students with Rewards for Campus Participation, Academic Skill


Anika Elenes, Staff Writer

March Madness presents the School Bingo sheets! Given to students from every grade level, these bingo cards have multiple spaces that differ depending on your grade. Some of these differences are shown as juniors getting special spaces for The ACT, while seniors get spaces regarding graduation. For example, juniors have spaces with “Downloaded an ACT Study App,” “Used a WOW (ACT word of the week) in a sentence” and more. Our lovely seniors have spaces with “Took a senior picture,” “Said goodbye to one of your freshmen teachers,” “completed my FAFSA,” and many other senior-related events. Many students have expressed joy and appreciation for these school bingos, one student, in particular, is senior Kari Le. She claims,  “I think the school bingos are a great way to encourage students to participate more in school activities. It was a great way to spend my last year as a senior.” Not only is this a fun way to stay motivated for school, but depending on how many spaces you fill, you also get the chance to win cool prizes! Some of these prizes include gift cards, parking tickets, game passes, and more exciting gifts. Don’t miss out on this chance to not only show your school spirit but earn some favorable perks in the end.