Game Club Marathon Entertains Students With Enjoyable and Challenging Game Selection


Sophomores Josef Gavagan and Joel Pentasa, along with other Game Club Marathon attendees look on as students participate in a Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament.

Maria Sofia Ferrer, Staff Writer

Another amusing event took place in Thunderbird once again as the Game Club Marathon allows students to participate in multiple games to express their skill in exchange for a fun time! 

Game Club prepared multitudes of exciting board games and even video games for students to play for the day. Upon hearing the screams and laughter from students who played the video game, Super Smash Bros, it indeed showed how much fun they had after a long, tiring week of school. Not only did they play Super Smash Bros, but many students also joined in to play Uno, Space Hulk, Forbidden Island, Hero Quest, Checkers, Chess, and The Binding of Isaac.

As we all know, the goal of Uno is to be the first person to have zero cards left out of the seven cards given before the game starts. This popular card-game brought a few students to join including: Drew Bergford, freshman, Elias Martinez, freshman, and Zachary Martin, freshman. 

As for the board game Space Hulk, each player is tasked to control genetically enhanced soldiers called Space Marines. Students such as Roger Bricker, Alex Zavalar, and Duncan Moure came to participate in this game. 

Another game available to play, Forbidden Island, is a two to four player board game where each player seeks out on an adventure as they find hidden treasures while the island sinks. “It was fun but it can get stressful”, says Oswaldo Villegas, a player who took part in the game. 

Furthermore, Hero Quest is a board game where one player takes the role of the game master, and a maximum of four players pick a character to go through the obstacles that the game master builds. Students such as Ben Tackman and Izack Gordon engaged to have a great time. 

Checkers is a board game where the goal is to take other player’s pawns or men. Students named Zyrine Punvalan and Jose Chavez both came to the event to participate in playing checkers. 

On the other hand, chess is also a popular board game that has been played in the marathon where the players goal is to capture their opponent’s king. A student named Theodore White, freshman, came to the event to participate in playing chess.

 Lastly, The Binding of Isaac is where players control Isaac or other characters in the game through a dungeon as they collect “items” to defeat monsters on their way until they reach Isaac’s mother. “Isaac basically runs away from his religious mother because God told her that she must kill her son, so he hides in his ‘dungeon’-like basement”, says Micah Crowe, a student who took part in this game.

Out of all of these games, Super Smash Bros had most of the attention in the room. “It was the most thrilling, exciting moment that had happened so far in the past week. I beat that guy without ever dying”, says Evren Potter, freshman. This was a great opportunity for students to take a break from all of the school work to switch gears into gaming. Additionally, Phoenix Children’s hospital took part in the marathon as well! On top of that, French Club contributed enormously for the event with all the snacks that are sold due their help.It is definitely recommended to have another Game Club Marathon in the future, so keep track of upcoming events hosted by Game Club.