Thunderbird Softball Season

Christopher Moore, Staff Writer

As our Thunderbird Girls Softball season has started off a little rocky, the team is hoping for a mid-season turnaround. Senior transfer Aspen Graham stated this in an interview, “As we continue to struggle as a team, we are hoping to pull it together and turn things around in the second half of the season.” As their record now stands a 4-8. With 6 games left, the assistant coach said in an interview, “We as a team are hoping for a better second half of the season as our senior pitcher Aspen Graham will be coming back.” Furthermore, Senior Aspen Graham made her season debut in amazing fashion with a 28-1 win against the Dysart Demons. Our very own Titans Faith Olea and Ella Wolff had an amazing outing with 6 RBi’s, Alex Moya and Delilah Alvidrez with 5 runs. On the fielding end of the game, senior Kinzie Mitchell and Delilah Alvidrez had 4 putouts.

Coach Arnold also stated this, “After losing one of our key players Lily Rakish due to injury for a majority of the season, we just have to keep pushing and make the best of what we have. I love this  team and I know we have what it takes to make a turnaround.” Shortly after, it was announced that Lily Rakish would play in the Moon Valley home game. In a great game played these young women pulled away in a 19-9 win, and our Titans put on a show for the crowd on the batting end. To further explain this statement, Coach Arnold was hoping to have this success all season, and now her team is showing the true talent they have, and also pulled a 21-2 win against the Moon Valley Rockets with senior Pitcher Aspen Graham only allowing base runs. To end off this article Senior Night was a success with a 17-2 win for our Titans. Also, junior Ella Wolff had an amazing home run in the third inning as the Yuma criminals later called the game in the bottom of the 4th.