Thunderbird Choir Concerts Presents the Talent of Many Students Involving Musical Rhythm and Beat


Maria Sofia Ferrer, Staff Writer

The fantastic musical rhythm created by none other than our choir team has shared their talent on numerous occasions with success throughout the entire school year. 

The most recent concert that our choir team performed is the All Spring Concert which was held in the auditorium. Among the choir students that performed, Kimberly Rivas, senior, says that she was surprised that there were a good number of people that came to watch their performance because of the previous cancellation since “nobody paid enough attention to it.” As an officer in choir, she finds it quite difficult to prepare for upcoming concerts because she is a part of the stagecraft crew, as well. In terms of vocals, she didn’t have any trouble with singing because she considers it as “muscle memory” for her part of a strategy and claims that “the hardest part is to warm up beforehand” in order to know their parts because it isn’t right to show mistakes during the show in front of the live audience.

As a senior in choir, she advises the team to stay on task even if they are in a “higher or more advanced ensembles” because she observed that the team has been procrastinating to prepare for their parts before the concert since she believes that they can “definitely do much better”, which happened in the Fall concert. Another improvement that she believes that the choir team needs to continue being successful is to take their deadlines seriously because it can allow them to sing together and fix the problems that are needed to adjust and improve before concerts.

Other than the Fall performance, there is the Christmas Concert that Kimberly finds more enjoyable than the Fall concert because the choir team was able to deliver a fun audience that allows the audience to become involved in the music as well.  

As the school year is coming to an end soon, Thunderbird is expecting more talent and improvements from the choir team in the future years to come.