THS National Honor Society, Is It All About Grades?


Photo Courtesy of the National Honor Society

Bella Slattery, Staff Writer

Every school in the United States most likely has a National Honor Society that is comprised of some of each school’s bright and most honorable minds. Sure participating in NHS looks good on a college application but how does it benefit people’s character and improve the community?

When people think about the Honor Society and what students do their minds probably automatically create an image of someone picking up trash around school or participating in a local fundraiser. Students in NHS do have to help their community by performing acts of citizenship but there is more to it. A current participant of NHS, Ashley Swaw a senior at Thunderbird High School, provides insight into how being a part of this organization has allowed her to improve herself as a person and a student. She explains that “being in NHS has helped me to not only realize the value in helping my school but also my community. It has also connected me with some great people who have taught me many valuable lessons that I plan to take with me into the future.” Not only does NHS allow people to provide for their community, but it also brings students together and gives them tools to use in the future when they are more independent.

Students who have excelled in their classes continually worked hard during stressful times, and have a sense of citizenship when needed are selected as candidates who are asked to apply to for a position. After a simple process that requires answers to a number of questions about each person’s persona, the requests are looked over by the school’s administration who makes the final decision. 

Mrs. Schmidt, a non-voting member of the faculty council who brings students together each year and informs them of the application process, explains that not only are students able to complete service hours but they “get to see and work with people who are different from them and provide for people who may need more help.” Providing for and giving back to the community is one of the main goals that students should have when they enter the Honor Society. It is equally important to pursue outstanding grades and care for others in any circumstance. 

Not only does the THS Honor Society want students to interact with others and expand their horizons but it also allows kids to take initiative and learn how to make their own decisions. When the qualified students are inducted into the group, each student needs to complete at least 25 hours of community service per semester. Mrs. Schmidt does give students ideas and opportunities in order to complete those hours but she explains that “a lot of NHS students have to go and find their own hours and which is part of that initiative to take care of yourself.” Learning to rely on yourself without the full assistance of parents and teachers should be propriety, especially before going to college because that is when responsibility is at its peak. Thunderbird’s NHS program is trying to help students be successful in life and know to adapt when new challenges come along. 

Even though the National Honor Society may be characterized as a group that is only involved in completing service hours, it is important to know that this organization will help improve people’s character and actions. It strives to help students learn how to support and give to people who need more assistance.