Capybaras Taking Over TikTok


Photo Courtesy of Polygon

Samantha Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The world’s largest rodents are now taking over TikTok. People around the world have taken an interest in Capybaras, also known as Capy, a native to South and Central America. Fortunately, these rodents closely resemble giant guinea pigs, rather than rats. 

Although they are going viral, many do not know what exactly a capybara is. Just like a rock cavy or a guinea pig, they have short brown hair, small ears, little to no tail, and short legs. Emilia Duna-Sandoval, senior, said, “They remind me of grizzly bear cubs”. Capybaras inhabit America’s grasslands and waters. Their webbed feet make it easier for them to transition from water to land. Laura Moss, a wildlife journalist, shared that they are “Sometimes referred to as ‘nature’s ottoman,’ capybaras have developed a reputation as being a nice place to take a load off.” The herd is extremely social and often rests with other animals.

Not only do people obsess over Capybaras adorable appearance, but they also love the animal’s unique personality. Capybaras are in fact friendly, they can be seen with ducks, monkeys, dogs, turtles, alligators, birds, and other small animals. An AZ Animals Journalist, stated, they even adopt stray and runt animals, and even provide transportation on its back for birds and monkeys. Capybaras are also gentle with humans. They react similarly to a dog when receiving belly rubs. Many owners joined the trend and posted videos of their capybaras trotting around. Their mellow personalities explain why they are the current trending animal. 

Unlike rats, capybaras are viewed as adorable and relatable by the media. Disregarding their perfect demeanor, it is important to acknowledge that they are exotic animals and should not be kept as pets.