Students and Staff Are Recognizing The Diligence of Thunderbird’s Teachers


Carly Lapre, Staff Writer

During Teacher Appreciation Week it is important to recognize the hard work teachers put in to make classes fun and interesting for their students.

Science teacher Ms.Long has made learning about basic activities fun and exciting. She always seems to be in a good mood, cracking jokes and lightening up the day’s agenda. Having been teaching for years she has had plenty of experience but she never seems to lose spirit. She has various ways of keeping learning fun, a quote from Ms.Long herself states, “ Breaking it up as often as possible with lab pieces or demo pieces is definitely [her] favorite thing about science.” Being in her class is a big highlight of the day, it is an honor to be one of the hundreds of students who have taken a lesson or two from her and who will grow to be something special with her help. 

She continuously checks in to make sure that the work is being understood and makes retaining the work just that much easier. Continuing on she shared, “In higher sciences like chemistry where there is a lot of math involved if they can really see how it is being applied versus just doing it on a worksheet.” Walking into her class each day is a pleasure and it is definitely something to look forward to throughout the day. It is never a question of being able to stay interested because she never lets a class period go by with anything less than an exciting time. 

A huge thank you to Ms.Long for making every day enjoyable and always trying her best to make her students successful.