Titan Softball Recap


Photo credit: Thunderbird High School Yearbook

Chris Moore, Editor

As our Titan softball team had a rough ending to their season, we as a school are proud of how they played as a team. The Titans had an 11-0 loss to the region champions and the number two team in 4A Greenway Demons. Coach Arnold said, “Holding Greenway to only four points for more than half of the game was truly amazing.” For the majority of the game our Titans held the Demons to an outstanding 4 points, but as senior Pitcher Aspen Graham slowly but surely got tired towards the end of the game, the lead slowly started to grow. As their season has ended, the Titans ended with a regular season record of six wins and 12 losses. Junior Ella Wolff said, “We couldn’t pull it together to have a winning season, but this will never stop us from having a better next season. We can only improve and be better.” In conclusion, as our Titan Softball team has three seniors leaving, this will open up spots for the next season and maybe have a playoff run.