Pressed: The Place For Sustainable and Healthy Deliciousness


Courtesy of Uber Eats: Craving nourishing goodness? No worries, Pressed has got your back as it is now available on Uber Eats.

Briana Quiroga Flores, Senior Editor

Go to Pressed for plant-based deliciousness!

Pressed has got fresh and nutritious options for everyone! The juice bar franchise specializes in cold-pressed juices and plant-based snacks and treats. Its menu also includes dairy-free and gluten-free products, ranging from cold-pressed juices to smoothies, wellness shots, smoothie bowls, non-dairy milk, lemonades, mini pint ice cream, vegan soft serve with different servings and sauces, and protein bites. All drinks are sold for $6.95; wellness shots cost $3.75, and soft serve desserts and vegan pint ice cream are sold for $6.95 and $8.00, respectively. Pressed smoothie bowls cost $8.95, and protein bites cost $4.00, making them its most and least expensive items. Ashley Saww, a senior and acai bowl lover, states, “Pressed acai bowls are absolutely fantastic and allow me to maintain my road to health without sacrificing my sweet tooth!”

Not only does Pressed have a variety of different nutrient-rich foods and drinks with many different flavors and add-ons, but it also has affordable prices and never-ending deals that are offered to its customers through its app and loyalty program. In addition, becoming a loyalty member has its own special perks, such as earning points that add up to get free items, exclusive original prices, and a free treat or drink on your birthday each year! Joining the Pressed loyalty program is free of cost, so join today on the Pressed website or at one of their shops and “enjoy any item from [its] menu as a bonus with your first purchase” as a loyalty member of Pressed advertises. 

Unlike other juice bar franchises, Pressed is not only mindful of others’ health but of Earth’s too. It promotes plant-forward living and environmental sustainability through its use of imperfect produce and of eco-friendly packaging materials, including its plastic. 

Take charge of saving the planet and maintaining a nutrient-rich eating lifestyle with Pressed! Eating healthy should feel good and do no harm to the environment, so go visit Arizona’s Pressed shop located at Scottsdale Quarter. As Brian Luu, a junior, claims, “Scottsdale’s location is so clean, juicy, and vibey! Who needs Jamba Juice when you’ve got Pressed?”