Love Letter to my Friends


Ashley Swaw, Senior Editor

To my friends,

This letter goes out to my amazing friends who have made high school more enjoyable and who I know I can count on.

First hour theater: I will admit I was not sure about the class but you guys have made me immensely happy throughout the whole year. I almost feel like we’ve created our own little family there. I hate that we will only have a year together because the energy we created there was beautiful.

My fellow Editors: Over the past year you guys have been such an inspiration to me. You have taught me the importance of having dedication no matter the situation. You guys make me want to be the best version of myself.

Sandra: We have been each other’s sidekick since we first met in middle school. Whenever I am with you, I am never not having fun. You have brought so much joy into my life, especially when I needed it the most.

Angelica: You have made me feel safe and comfortable around you since I first met you in the seventh grade. You make me feel like I am okay to just be myself without fear of judgment. 

Mikaela: I know I have known you since the seventh grade, but I feel like since junior year we have gotten so much closer. You have made me feel seen in ways no one has before and I am happy we have been able to have this connection.

Evren: You are probably my favorite person I have met this year. You are funny and witty and you have been someone I can easily connect with. I am so glad that I get to call you one of my friends and even my “sibling.”

Naima: It has been an amazing gift to get to know you this year. You are probably one of the most selfless and caring people I have ever met, not to mention you are just really cool. You’ve made me laugh so much and I am grateful to you for that. I wish we could have been friends sooner because you bring so much value to my life.

Sasha: Being friends with you over the past year has been a huge blessing. You give me great advice even when I do not want to hear it and keep me accountable. I am eternally grateful to you for that. You’ve also kept me laughing all year long and I hope that even when you move to Washington D.C. we will still be close.

I hope that these little paragraphs let  you all know the tremendous effect you have had on me and hope this friendship thrives outside of the four walls of this school.