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What Is Being Done About Climate Change?

Photo credit to BBC.

A popular discussion for over a century is climate change and its effects.  Even though most of the world is informed about this pressing issue, the effects of climate change have only worsened, threatening to destroy our Earth. 

The main factor that contributes to climate change is the release of extra carbon dioxide into the air. As more fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas are being harvested, an excessive amount of greenhouse gas emissions invade the atmosphere. These greenhouse gasses have the ability to trap extra heat from the sun instead of allowing it to be absorbed by the ocean or clouds, causing temperatures to rise. 

Climate change affects more than the temperature however. The National Resources Defense Council explains that “higher temperatures are worsening many types of disasters, including storms, heat waves, floods, and droughts. A warmer climate creates an atmosphere that can collect, retain, and unleash more water, changing weather patterns in such a way that wet areas become wetter and dry areas drier.” Natural disasters are becoming more frequent and prolonged drought spells can threaten the amount of clean drinking water. Out of control wildfires are starting to destroy many states in the U.S. 

Although climate change has negatively affected our world for a long time, solutions exist to help this problem. For example, current President Joe Biden made a conscious effort to help with climate change. The White House reveals that the president and Vice President Camilla Harris made climate change and environmental justice a part of their Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This legislation “provides the largest federal investments ever in upgrading the power grid, improving public transit and investing in zero-emission transit and school buses, installing a nationwide EV charging network, cleaning up legacy pollution, replacing lead pipes and delivering clean water.” Biden recognizes how deadly climate change is and the new legislation that is being passed will not only help our Earth but improve our modes of transportation and our clean drinking water. With the help of the president and everyone else working to make a change, we can expect that climate change will soon become less of a problem and that our Earth will continue to grow and be a safe and healthy home. 

Ways we can help in the improvement of climate change at Thunderbird is by always recycling and learning more about what to recycle and the difference between it and trash. The Go Green Club is a perfect way to learn all of this information. Everyone plays a part in the well-being of our Earth and by learning more about what you can do will make a huge difference. 

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