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Travis Scott’s Utopia Review

UTOPIA. This is an album by Houston-born rapper Travis Scott. Travis Scott is one of the most popular artists known right now. This is for good reason as songs such as Sicko Mode have become a classic to many. Who is Travis Scott though? Travis Scott Is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter as well as a record producer. 

Travis Scott has recently released UTOPIA, an album loved by fans. This album has currently made around 1.5 million as of writing this. This doesn’t come as a surprise to some as Travis’s record shows he knows how to make a good album “ASTROWORLD”, his previous album which was released in  2018 on August 3 making 53.5 million dollars  over the course of 2018 and 2019. This album was critically acclaimed on release. This would set up the hype for Travis’s newest album which would be teased on July 7, 2020, with an Instagram post. 

This Instagram post would just be titled UTOPIA. This would have fans excited for what would come next from the now critically acclaimed rapper. Travis would slowly post more on Instagram teasing his new album. This would lead to the album’s eventual release on July 28, 2023. How would the songs rank on the charts though? The top 2 songs of this album would do amazing these being Fe!n and Meltdown. These songs are doing well and it’s no wonder why with other artists such as “Playboi Carti” appearing on fe!n and  “Drake “on Meltdown both of these artists are amazing and well recognized in the music industry as some of the best around right now. But what are thunderbird student’s favorite songs?  When students were polled on a Google form the most popular song was HYAENA 

HYAENA  is very well made and feels very much like Travis Scott. This song’s beats are amazing and fit the theme of this song so well. This song is about how Travis has succeeded in the face of resiliency. 

Take the name for example: “HYAENA”. Hyenas are known for their ability to survive In harsh conditions. But of course, sometimes we all fly too close to the sun and lose our wings. This song feels as if Travis Scott came back from his “sun” and is now blessing our ears with this song. We could rave on and on about the beats, the lyrics, and the tone. This song is amazing and a joy to listen to whenever it comes on.  

We then would poll students during the second lunch where we would ask them the following questions. If they listened to Travis Scott and if they heard UTOPIA. A variety of students would say Fe!n feat Playboi Carti was their favorite song. This makes sense as Playboi Carti is a very well-established artist and it is in collaboration with Travis so it must be good right? When asked what they liked about this song students would say it made them feel motivated. (Maurice Sylvester when asked said It makes me feel upbeat and happy.) This song is a perfect example of when two artists collaborate to make something amazing. Whether you are a fan of either of  these two artists you will love this song 

UTOPIA Is an amazing album with a lot of amazing features from artists with talent such as  Playboi Carti, Beyonce, The Weekend, Drake, and many more. This album definitely lives up to the hype as critics all over love UTOPIA. Fans would also be in love with this album and it is very easy to see why. UTOPIA is one of the most successful albums made and I believe that it is well earned.

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