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Is Undertaking The Strain Of AP Classes Worth It?

Photo Credit- CollegeBoard
Photo Credit- CollegeBoard

Many students across the nation are able to take AP classes and earn college credit. But what about those who do not receive college credit because they did not pass the test but worked hard to earn it? Was the class worth all of the stress and time that went into it?

AP classes are demanding and time-consuming. However, students still take them because in the end, if they pass the test, they can receive a certain amount of credit points. These points may be used at certain colleges and allow you to skip having to take that mandatory class since you technically already took it in high school. Many students across the nation take AP classes. College Board reveals that 1.2 million students across the nation took an AP test. It is clearly a popular practice, but is it worth it if you do not earn the credit?

One student at Thunderbird who is taking multiple AP classes this year is Charlie Peacock. She has experienced the stress and anxiety that AP classes create but when asked for her opinion regarding whether AP classes are worth it she explains that ¨AP classes give you the work ethic and study skills you need to succeed in college, even if you don’t receive a passing score on the exam. So regardless of whether you receive college credit, the class will likely be beneficial in the long run.¨ Charlie believes that taking the AP class in itself is important because the knowledge and skills that you learn will benefit you in the future.  

However, some believe that taking AP classes is a waste of time if you end up not passing the exam. A junior at Thunderbird who is also taking many AP classes explains that, ¨The main purpose of an AP class is to earn college credit so if you don´t pass the test then you aren´t receiving the main benefits that an AP class is designed to give you.¨ It is more likely that more than half of the students who sign up for AP classes are only looking to take them so that they do not have to take the class in college and it would be a waste of their time if they end up not passing the class. 

Even though it may seem like time was misspent because college credit was unearned, there are still benefits. Colleges like to see students attempting rigorous classes in the first place. Medium, a site where readers are able to look up any stories based on any topic, reveals that AP courses are challenging and shows colleges that a student is up for academic achievement. If you take an AP course in a subject you are interested in, it can show colleges your eagerness to learn and your dedication to that subject.¨ By taking AP classes, students can show colleges that they can handle a college-level workload, and perhaps even more importantly, are willing to take risks.

In the end, even though AP classes are hard and can be overwhelming, they are a great learning opportunity and can help you decide what you want to do. As long as you get help from your teachers and put effort into the class, you should not have to worry about not getting any college credit. You truly have to trust in the hard work that you put in and believe that you can pass.

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