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Interviews with the Cast of Macbeth

“There’s daggers in men’s smiles” – Donalbain (Act II Scene III)
Interviews with the Cast of Macbeth
Sophia Carvajal

Interviews were conducted with Freshman Adam Sangerman, Senior Julian Kioa as well as Freshman Weston Roberts .  

Who do you play in this performance?

Julian: I play Duncan in the play.

Weston: The Thane of Ross.

Adam: The king’s son Donalbain and young Siward.


What was the hardest scene to block without spoilers?

Julian: I would say that the hardest scene for me to block was orientation.

Adam: The hardest part for me to block was orientation.

Weston: Hardest part for me personally was the banquet scene. 


When did the character feel like it was your own? 

Weston: When I learned all my lines and put emotion into them.

Julian: When I got most of my lines memorized.

Adam: After a few weeks of rehearsal I felt like I finally got it.


Where do you take inspiration for your acting in this play?

Julian: I take inspiration from this show called The 100. It’s pretty similar to what we are doing in Macbeth and the king character from that is what I pull from.

Weston: Hamilton inspired and prepared my acting because it was what got me into theatre.

Adam: I take inspiration from my past musicals done at Mountain Sky. 


Why did you decide to try out for this play?  

Julian: I really liked how dark and grim this one was and it was Shakespeare which was intimidating at first but I ended up liking it.

Weston: I’ve always loved theatre but I hate public speaking  so I wanted to get out of my comfort zone.

Adam: I wanted to get into some after school activity and thought it would be interesting.


How did rehearsals help you other than memorization and blocking?

Julian: I felt more connected to the people I was working with and felt more comfortable around them.

Weston: I made a lot more friends and got closer to already made ones.

Adam: It helped me meet new people who I would later become friends with.

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