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Thunderbird High School Presents ‘Macbeth’

Photo courtesy of Leeta Jo

Thunderbird High School presented their 2023 school play, Macbeth, on the nights of Oct. 26-28.

“Macbeth” by William Shakespeare is about a Scottish general, Macbeth, who kills King Duncan after being told by three witches that he is to be king. Being encouraged by his wife, Lady Macbeth, he kills the king and proceeds to keep killing due to his extreme paranoia over losing the crown. The play consists of five acts and brings viewers on the journey of the traitor, Macbeth, and ends in his eventual death. Thunderbirds Theater program recreated this play wonderfully and captured the viewer’s attention from start to finish.

During the process of rehearsing for the play, the cast got to practice fight scenes with a professional choreographer. “He’s really good at making sure we are all safe, He makes sure we are okay before scenes and always makes sure that we note him about any injuries before rehearsal,” said Leeta Jo, a junior at Thunderbird, who played one of the murderers. In doing plays like this it is good to know that the cast got help with their scene work and that they were taken care of.

The play itself was put together well, the cast and crew both did their parts and gave it all they had. Alex Weston, a senior at Thunderbird High School shared, “I thought it was good, I think they stuck to the original Macbeth well and the actors all knew their lines”. Throughout the show everyone showed their passion for theater. Even if they stumbled or forgot a line they played it off and pushed through. 

Overall, the play was fantastically put together, the cast and crew did an amazing job of preparing and putting on such a well-known piece. From opening night down to the last minutes the group did their best and pulled it off. 

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