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Interviews with Some of the Leads from Macbeth

Sophia Carvajal
Molly Sky Utley as Banquo begins to suspect Macbeth.

As the Macbeth play approaches I got to sit down with one of the main characters: King Duncan, who is played by Julian Kioa. Julian stated about production: “They have put a lot of time and effort into this play to amaze the students at Thunderbird. We are really hoping everyone can come and have a good time with family and friends to watch the time and effort we have put into this play.” Nerves and emotions are high for the cast and really hope to deliver a mind-blowing performance for the audience. Julian is also the mastermind behind the Macbeth trailer that was shown off in the announcements. 

Macbeth involves a lot of action and they want people to come in not knowing what to expect with the stunts. With less than a couple of days until the play, they continue to work on stunts and props. Swords and skeletons make the play mind blowing; they have been working on a special stunt for the lighting and tech work for the production. That will be shown off later on in the play. Molly Utley who is playing Banquo stated that, “The props that they are using in the play were actually made by the production team and the other half were materials they have had for some time but they haven’t used them in a while.” She believes that her team has put a lot of hard work and effort into making this the best play they could for everyone to enjoy. 

They have been working hard with the makeup and addressing how they want the blood and all the extra creativity involved and deserve a little spotlight as well. Adrienne Shana and Dwight Grape have been the masterminds behind the appearance of the cast to make sure they look their very best. 

With the last interview of the day, I got to interview Andrew Stark who plays Macbeths’ main lead Macbeth himself. I asked him what the pressure is like to deliver his best in front of a crowded audience. Andrew stated, “There are a lot of nerves going through my mind with how I and our team perform to give it our all to the people who have made time to come out and watch us. Learning my lines helps improve my team behind the scenes and makes sure we all feel prepared and ready to perform.” He made sure to mention how hard his team has been working and is really prepared for them to show the school their best work. 


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