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Scream 7 Theories & Controversies

Scream 7 movie poster made by a fan. Photo Credit: Reddit

Throughout scripts of slashing and chasing, the discussion of betrayal which leads to investigation and turning around at every moment, Scream finally hit a wall. 

Recently, the lead of the last two Scream movies, Melissa Barrera, was fired due to her posts online about siding with Palestine in the war of Hamas against Israel.  She also  said, “First and foremost I condemn antisemitism and Islamophobia. I condemn hate and prejudice of any kind against any group of people,” Spyglass Entertainment followed up with a statement of intolerance to anti-semitism and hate speech of any kind, and more words along with her firing.

 Jenna Ortega, who had a major role in Scream (2022) and Scream VI, will also not be coming back for Scream 7. It is assumed that she is focusing on season 2 of her show “Wednesday”, as it was her decision to leave. 

With the reboot’s story line gone, Scream 7 could easily make or break the franchise. The original release date was for 2025; with rewriting and recasting, director Christopher Landon says the movie could make it to the initial release date, as the movie doesn’t contain heavy special effects or a long editing process.

Some theories for possible characters and story lines have been shared online for a while. The most notable and likely theory is Stu Macher returning. Fans who are online know about the theory “Stu Macher isn’t dead” they say he was just severely injured. This is heavily referenced because Stu was seemingly crazy, and the writers could do so much given the fact he underwent a lot of trauma.

The actor who played Stu Macher, Matthew Lillard, often advocates for his character. In an interview with US Weekly, he mentioned that in Scream (1996) Stu was 17, and serving 25 years he could be out in time to properly fit the timeline. 

Producers of Scream 7 are also trying to involve Neve Campbell, former lead of the Scream franchise as Sydney Prescott. She left in Scream VI because of the salary negotiation, but there is talk of bringing Sydney back for another leading role.

The Scream franchise has had its ups and downs in the past, surviving two reboots and getting lots of criticism for being a simple slasher, but truly it’s more. There’s a lot of connection between every movie where it follows themes like sequels or legacies and hidden horror references. Scream 7 might just be a diamond in the rough.

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